'62 Frame Conversion -September 2000

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t09070001.jpg (5991 bytes)

Torgue arm front mounting bracket


t03032005.jpg (6903 bytes)

Rear shock brackets tacked in place


t09090002.jpg (3296 bytes)

Plates for mounting rear sway and rear shock bolts modified to attach rear sway bars.


t03032005.jpg (6903 bytes)

Rear sway bar bracket in place


t03032005.jpg (6903 bytes)

Right side rear sway bar in place


t03032005.jpg (6903 bytes)

Left side rear sway bar in place


t09100002.jpg (6627 bytes)

Grinding welds.


t03032005.jpg (6903 bytes)    t09110003.jpg (6827 bytes)

Carol opening her Christmas 'crate' - GM Ram Jet 350 crate engine


t0919006.jpg (6288 bytes)

Rear suspension in place


t0919004.jpg (7007 bytes)

Old engine and new transmission mounted to get proper trans. mount location


t09260003.jpg (6962 bytes)

Locating the front suspension in preparation to cut frame.


t0926005.jpg (7060 bytes)    t0926006.jpg (7420 bytes)

Cutting off front frame horns - No turning back now!


t09220001.jpg (5504 bytes)    t09220002.jpg (5466 bytes)    t09230003.jpg (5202 bytes)

The mechanical tach was removed and an electric tach "guts" was installed in the original case.


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