'62 Frame Conversion - October 2000

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t1001003.jpg (6076 bytes)

Front suspension located (approximately)


t1004002.jpg (6628 bytes)

Engine and trans positioned in frame


t1004003.jpg (6074 bytes)

Initial body fit.  Needs to go down about 4 inches.   Will have to trim some fiberglass.


t1005003.jpg (7584 bytes)

Shifter seems to be "just right".


t1014004.jpg (6070 bytes)    t1014001.jpg (5901 bytes)     t1014006.jpg (10274 bytes)

 t1015001.jpg (7116 bytes)    t10150002.jpg (7382 bytes)

Forming sheet metal frame rails


t1018001.jpg (15299 bytes)    t1018002.jpg (10559 bytes)     t1018003.jpg (15721 bytes)

Side rails are placed first, then bottom


t10230003.jpg (6762 bytes)    t10230002.jpg (7415 bytes)

More welding and grinding


t1026002.jpg (5648 bytes)    t1026004.jpg (5516 bytes)     t10260001.jpg (6532 bytes)

Reinforcing plates added on each side

t1026003.jpg (5090 bytes)    t1026005.jpg (5689 bytes)

Front frame rails almost complete



t1026007.jpg (5378 bytes)

Almost a 'rolling chassis'

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