'62 Frame Conversion - November 2000

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t1101004.jpg(6076 bytes)

Left motor mount tack welded in place


t1101005.jpg(6707 bytes)    t1102002.jpg(7780 bytes)

Removing "hump" in Front crossmember so engine can be lowered as much as possible


t11030002.jpg (6015 bytes)

Motor mount fully welded


t1106001.jpg (6628 bytes)r

  Motor mounts complete


t11060002.jpg (5689 bytes)

Shock tower being fabricated.


t1108002.jpg (6074 bytes)

Shock tower in place


t1109001.jpg(7584 bytes)    t1109002.jpg(6070 bytes)     t11090003.jpg (6743 bytes)

Engine and transmission mounted


    t1110002.jpg(10274 bytes)     t1110003.jpg(7116 bytes)

Body seems to fit - looks like we will need to lower front end (somehow) about 75mm


t11100001.jpg (6747 bytes)

Hood clearance is about 1/2".  Engine is approximately 1.5" lower than stock.

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