'62 Frame Conversion - May  2002

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t05050207.jpg (5525 bytes)

Doors, trunk, soft top lid, hood, and other small parts are painted.  Hard to tell from this picture but the color is fawn beige.


t05060201.jpg (4898 bytes)    t05060203.jpg (5434 bytes)

Body is ready for paint after five hours of taping and masking.


t05060206.jpg (4562 bytes)   t05060207.jpg (5185 bytes)  t05060209.jpg (4696 bytes)     t05070203.jpg (5966 bytes)

t0507020b.jpg (4253 bytes)    t0507020a.jpg (3882 bytes)     t0507020c.jpg (4057 bytes)

Body is painted.  It may not be smooth, but at least it's all the same color - finally.


t05050206.jpg (6883 bytes)

Seems like all the little pieces take longer to paint than the body.


t05120202.jpg (6160 bytes)

Carol signed her name with the milling machine.


t05250209.jpg (6095 bytes)  t05250212.jpg (6325 bytes)    t05250210.jpg (6567 bytes)     t05250211.jpg (6691 bytes)

Body is back on the frame, starting to put all the pieces back together.


    t05250202.jpg (6271 bytes)    t05250208.jpg (6404 bytes)    t05250205.jpg (6137 bytes)

The old dash pad is covered with leather.


t05280202.jpg (6689 bytes)   t05280203.jpg (6070 bytes)

Dash pad is finished, instrument pod is installed, starting to cut new carpet.


t04090201.jpg (5093 bytes)

Aluminum radiator shroud before smoothing and polishing


t05300203.JPG (7150 bytes)    t05300204.jpg (5760 bytes)

New aluminum radiator and shroud for electric fan.  The radiator is a Griffin HP series, model 6561Af.

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