'62 Frame Conversion - June  2002

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t06080202.jpg (6125 bytes)    t06080203.jpg (6122 bytes)

Fitting carpet and seats.


t06140203.jpg (6779 bytes)

Interior is almost finished. Steering wheel still needs to be covered with leather.


t06190203.jpg (5824 bytes)    t06190205.jpg (5871 bytes)     t06190209.jpg (6172 bytes)

Starting to look more and more like a car everyday.


t06250201.jpg (5288 bytes)    t06250202.jpg (5969 bytes)     t07030203.jpg (7229 bytes)

The aluminum air box was constructed to fit around an easy to find round Fram paper air filter.
The two openings on the corners are for cool air ducts. 



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