'62 Frame Conversion - July  2002

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Finally drove the car into town for inspection.  Drove into the inspection stall, turned on the low beams, then the high beams, then the right turn signal, then the engine quit and everything went dark.  Blown fuse.  I had added an extra fuse panel and the fuse for the front lights had blown.  Replaced the 20amp fuse with a 30 amp and everything else seems to be OK.  Car seems to ride and handle really well.  Haven't really pushed it yet but seems pretty stable, at least up to an estimated 80 mph.  The speedometer is not hooked up yet since I am going to use a Cable-X "black box" to convert the T56 six speed electronic signal to a mechanical output for use with the old speedometer and that unit has not come in yet.  


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The aluminum "air box" was fabricated to fit around a common round Fram paper filter.  The duct work is flexible aluminum bathroom vent tubing, available at most home supply stores.  The stainless steel engine cover was fabricated to cover the fuel rails,injectors, fuel injection wiring, and distributor.


Views from Underneath

t07160201.jpg (6337 bytes)

Looking toward the rear at the differential, driveshaft and mufflers


t07160202.jpg (6544 bytes)

Looking forward just behind the transmission


t07160203.jpg (6682 bytes)

Looking forward at the bottom of the engine and front crossmember

t07160204.jpg (5651 bytes)

Looking toward the passenger side at the center of the car. The electric fuel pump and fuel filters are behind the stainless steel cover attached to the inside of the frame rail.


t07160205.jpg (6519 bytes)

Looking at the differential torque arm, stainless steel exhaust pipes and mufflers.


t07190201.jpg (7267 bytes)

Steering wheel is finally covered with leather.

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