'62 Frame Conversion - January  2002

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t01200201.jpg (4990 bytes)

14" steering wheel is complete except for leather covering.   The stainless steel rim was covered with plywood, rounded down, and covered with reinforced vunyl tubing.


t01040201.jpg (5968 bytes)

We finally found some solid steel wheels that would fit over the '84 brake calipers.  These are 16" x 7" "Chrome Smoothies" from Wheel Vintiques 


t01120201.jpg (7250 bytes)    t01040205.jpg (7436 bytes)

Most of this month has been spent smoothing and polishing the aluminum suspension pieces.   The frame has been at the powder coaters since just before Christmas.  As soon as it gets back, we can start assemby and maybe get some space back in our shop.

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