'62 Frame Conversion - February  2002

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t02010201.jpg (4734 bytes)    t02010202.jpg (5698 bytes)     t02010203.jpg (6122 bytes)

Finally got the frame, rear crossmember, front suspension subframe, driveshaft, swaybars, front and rear bumper brackets and about 80 other pieces back from the powder coater.  The color is "Almond".


t02010216.jpg (6814 bytes)

Differential and "Bat Wing" are also painted.


t02130205.jpg (6115 bytes)    t02130203.jpg (5477 bytes)     t02130206.jpg (5996 bytes)

Installing  front and rear suspension.


t02140202.jpg (6509 bytes)    t02140203.jpg (6381 bytes)     t02140205.jpg (5534 bytes)    t02140206.jpg (6626 bytes)

More suspension pictures.


t02210203.jpg (6305 bytes)   

Engine and transmission in place.


t02250201.jpg (5800 bytes)    t02250202.jpg (6115 bytes)     t02250203.jpg (5994 bytes)

t02250204.jpg (6534 bytes)    t02250205.jpg (6004 bytes)     t02250207.jpg (6277 bytes)

Driveshaft, exhaust, fuel system all in place.

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