'62 Frame Conversion - January 2001

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t01090111.jpg (6804 bytes)  t0111012.jpg (3539 bytes)

Yes, a 9" vacuum booster can fit under the hood



t0109018.jpg (4947 bytes)    t0112011.JPG (6181 bytes)

Spherical rod ends for the new rear tie rod  finally arrived.  Tie rod is stainless steel. 


t0118014.jpg (6191 bytes)    t0118011.jpg (16956 bytes)

Had to add an extra universal joint and support bearing to steering shaft to clear headers and brake booster.


t0118016.jpg (5730 bytes)

Carol trying out steering shaft and linkage


t01240101.jpg (6486 bytes)

Front cross brace and radiator mount in place


    t01240103.jpg (7257 bytes)

Front suspension and steering.

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