'62 Frame Conversion - February 2001

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t02080104.jpg (6755 bytes)

Additional steering shaft bearing added to clear brake booster


t02090101.jpg (7051 bytes)  

Pulley kit from Concept One included new "short" water pump, power steering pump and wide "serpentine" type belts


t02090105.jpg (6479 bytes)    t02090106.jpg (6408 bytes)

Beginning to fabricate 2.5" stainless steel exhaust system


t02140101.jpg (6263 bytes)    t02140104.jpg (5416 bytes)

Mufflers and exhaust pipes tack welded into place


t02170102.jpg (4564 bytes)

Tail pipes welded and polished


t02280108.jpg (4060 bytes)

Stainless steel exhaust pipe hangers


t02280102.jpg (2922 bytes)    t02280106.jpg (6667 bytes)

Fabricated stainless steel bracket for accelerator cable


t02280105.jpg (5645 bytes)    t02280107.jpg (6563 bytes)

Accelerator cable in place

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