'62 Frame Conversion - August 2001

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t08180104.jpg (4302 bytes)    t08180106.jpg (5286 bytes)

Mostly cleaning up the body and sandblasting parts this month


t08270102.jpg (5523 bytes)

Mounting '62 seat rails to '84 Corvette seat bottoms.


t08280101.jpg (5774 bytes)

Trial fitting seats from '84 Corvette


t08310101.jpg (6637 bytes)

Clutch master cylinder mounted on inside of engine compartment


t08290101.jpg (4641 bytes)

Due to clearance problems the clutch master cylinder could not be mounted on the left side of the steering column. The clutch shaft was extended so that the master cylinder could be mounted on the right side of steering column 


t08310102.jpg (6940 bytes)

Clutch master cylinder actuating rod viewed from underneath dash.


t08260103.jpg (4119 bytes)

Fabricating aluminum cooling system catch tank.

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