'62 Frame Conversion - April 2001

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t04090101.jpg (5103 bytes)    t04090104.jpg (5124 bytes)

Underside of body with undercoating removed.


t04090107.jpg (4931 bytes)  

Constructed new stainless steel panel reinforcing strips


 t04130102.jpg (5822 bytes)

Making form to fill the trunk cutout.  This cutout is necessary to clear differential.  The extra "humps" on each side are for added clearance over 2.5" exhaust pipes.


t04140102.jpg (5974 bytes)

Starting to lay fiberglass in the trunk.


t04230101.jpg (6253 bytes)    t04230107.jpg (5355 bytes)     t04280101.jpg (5969 bytes)

Transmission tunnel needed to be reshaped to fit around new shifter.


t04240101.jpg (6385 bytes)    t04240102.jpg (5670 bytes)

Making forms for new fiberglass inner fender panels to fit around new front suspension.


t04300103.jpg (6231 bytes)   t04300104.jpg (5746 bytes)

Decided to build a frame rotisserie to make working on the underside easier.

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