59 and 62 Parts  For Sale

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t_glove_box_lid_01.jpg (4598 bytes)   t_glove_box_lid_02.jpg (4754 bytes)

62 glove box door and chrome. 
Small ding on one of short chrome pieces,but easily repairable. 
Door in excellent condition, but needs bead blasting and refinishing.
Lock is included, but no key.


t_turn_signal.jpg (5295 bytes)

Turn signal cancel assembly

t_license_bumperette_supports.jpg (3936 bytes)

Front license bumperette supports
Both appear to be unused NOS pieces, but
one has some small serrations on lower edge of flange
$30 for both

t_rear_inner_brackets.jpg (3671 bytes)

Rear bumper inner braces
Appear to be in new unused condition
$60 for both

t_rear_bumper_to_frame_brackets.jpg (3963 bytes)

Rear bumper to frame braces
Appear to be in new unused condition
$80 for both

t_rear_vertical_bumper_bracket.jpg (3497 bytes)

Rear vertical bumper brackets
Appear to be in new unused condition
$60 for both

t_rear_outer_brackets.jpg (4054 bytes)

Rear outer brackets.  Both used. 
One in good condition.
One has  split in top edge, needs welding and paint.
$25 for both


t_soft_top_brackets.jpg (4411 bytes)  

59 soft top mounting brackets, seat belt brackets

t_hood_pins.jpg (4758 bytes)

59 hood latch plates and pins.
Good condition, needs refinishing

t_hood_latches.jpg (4952 bytes)

59 hood latchs and mounting plates

 t_gas_filler_01.jpg (2809 bytes)    t_gas_filler_02.jpg (3172 bytes)

59 gas door.  Good condition, needs refinishing

t_catch_tank_01.jpg (3289 bytes)   t_catch_tank_02.jpg (3365 bytes)

59 radiator overflow tank.  Code 85D. 
Needs refinishing

t_defroster_vent_01.jpg (4268 bytes)   t_defroster_vent_02.jpg (4369 bytes)

59 defroster vent ducts

t_washer_bottle_1.jpg (3099 bytes)   t_washer_bottle_2.jpg (3329 bytes)

59 washer bottle.  Don't know if it works or not.

t_heater_fan_control.jpg (2751 bytes)

Heater fan control with defroster cable

t_defroster_diverter_1.jpg (4678 bytes)    t_defroster_diverter_2.jpg (3543 bytes)

Defroster diverter box


t_defroster_outlet.jpg (2626 bytes)

Defroster outlet

62 Complete Front Suspension
$400 plus shipping

 I removed this suspension from an un-wrecked car in March of 2000.  The frame and body were used in the creation of CAROLS62.

62front_01.jpg (60030 bytes)    62front_02.jpg (87585 bytes)    62front_04.jpg (87281 bytes)


t_07210505.jpg (5344 bytes)    t_07210506.jpg (5429 bytes)

Ram's Horns exhaust manifolds.  $40
The number of the right side is 3750558.  The left side number is pretty well eroded but looks like 3733875???

t_07210510.jpg (4363 bytes)    t_07210511.jpg (4656 bytes)

62 engine mount cross brace, frame brackets, ( nuts, bolts, and rubber pads are not "correct")  $100


t_07210519.jpg (5554 bytes)    t_07210520.jpg (4822 bytes)     t_07210521.jpg (4021 bytes)

62 center console instrument panel with heater/air controls and clock - $100.  Usual surface pitting. Clock does not work - the electrical contact on the back is broken off. Curl on end of air control cable is missing.

t_cove320a.jpg (3871 bytes)   t_cove320b.jpg (2110 bytes)

Cove molding 3739320 a few chrome blisters and a deep scratch in the chrome on one end.  Needs replating


t_cove320a.jpg (3871 bytes)   t_cove320b.jpg (2110 bytes)

Cove molding 37399991. A few chrome blisters and a slight crinkle in chrome. Driver quality at best.

t_cove993a.jpg (4493 bytes)   t_cove993b.jpg (1846 bytes)

Cove molding 37399993. Three small dimples in chrome, several small nicks in edge of chrome.


t_cove991c.jpg (5589 bytes)    t_cove991d.jpg (2336 bytes)

Cove molding 37399991b. 4 or 5 small scratches in chrome, probably could not be polished out.



t_eyebrows.jpg (3700 bytes)

Eyebrows.  Part numbers - 3740212 RH, 3740210 RH, 3740210 RH, 3740211 LH.  Note duplicate part number for 3740210 RH.
Not a complete set of eyebrows.  Condition driver quality.


t_front_bumperettes.jpg (3970 bytes)

Front bumperettes.  New - probably reproductions, no GM part numbers.
$75- SOLD



t_front_license_plate.jpg (2860 bytes)

Front license plate. New - probably reproduction, no GM part number.